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Welcome to the documentation page for Sledgehammer. These docs may not always be fully up-to-date. If you notice something is missing, please inform us on the support server.

Sledgehammer is a security bot assistant free to use that helps moderators manage their communities easily without the struggle to do repetitive tasks across all the managed servers, including global banning users and a variety of other features.


The global ban command is on the moderator's scope, meaning the ban will be applied on all servers that the bot is in and where the moderator either has ADMINISTRATOR permissions or has a whitelisted role.


Anti-bot System

  • This feature is a unique verification system that grants the access to the server to new users if they prove they are human. It's used to prevent raids, bot accounts (chat bots posing as real users) and malicious users.


  • This command is used to ban users that match a certain avatar.


  • This command is used to globally ban a specific user.


  • This command is used to ban users based on their username allowing to use Regex to have a more accurate filter for the name.


  • This command is used to ban users based on the discord's default join message, selecting a start and a finishing message, you'll be able to select those users (Usefull for raids).

Reporting Issues

If you find an issue or need support in general, feel free to reach out via the support server or open an issue on our Github repo.

Making suggestions

If you have any suggestions for new features or improvements, you can either reach out via the support server or open an issue on the Github repo.